Entry #3

Lets Start A Video Game Company

2010-05-12 22:56:46 by Cine-MusicStudios

Looking for artists, programmers, designers, animators, 2d and 3d modelers, writers for the production side....

Looking for story board and conceptual artists for creative side....

Looking for social promoters, sponsor and clientale finders, departmental directors for business side...

Looking for testers, and Game/Level analyzers for post-production side....

Looking for fans, customers, and all around good guys (and I geuss evil geniuses too) for the final stage...the playing side...

Hit us up if your interested by PM or smoke signal! Thanks!


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2010-05-12 22:58:26



2010-05-13 00:32:50

You're probably going to have more luck trying to make a video game first, and then slowly building that into a company if the projects are successful. I'm down to help with most anything!

Cine-MusicStudios responds:

Awesome ...yes! What do you do?


2010-05-13 17:18:42

So I'm thinkning a good name could be:


the full corporate name being:

Helicity Entertainment LLC

What do you guys think?


2010-05-14 15:54:55

When you make up your group name, make sure you get it copyrighted.. Im tellin' you off experience.. when you don't got your paperwork together.. everything your doing will be in vain.. & on the lighter note.. check me out, maybe I can help out with music production or backround music for your little movement.

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/331654
tell me what you think.

Cine-MusicStudios responds:

Thanks for the heads up! Will Do!


2010-05-14 16:30:28

So we are officialy going with the name:


Live it! Love it! Play It!

Have Fun! Work Hard!! Be Inspired!!!


2010-05-16 17:14:25

did you catch the smoke signal i sent ya?
i didnt get one back! D:

Cine-MusicStudios responds:

Ha! :)


2010-05-26 17:42:47

I'm down man. Let's make it happen.


2010-05-31 06:41:35

im ok at drawing basic things for games, such as enemys. i made this recently, i may use for a game or animation


2010-06-12 21:57:34

oh, btw, I sent you a pm, regarding what I want to do, but I left out that I'm also a 2d artist in some ways.


2010-06-21 11:29:45